2. International Logistics Services

International Logistics Services

International Transportation Services

With the recent trend toward globalization, the interest in international logistics services to help businesses enter overseas markets is increasing. Fuji Logistics has recognized the potential and importance of an international network and we have set up a network of international companies. We have also set up a global logistics network without boundaries.

Fuji Logistics Solutions

We offer the most suitable and low-lost means of sea transport.

Fuji Logistics provides export and import services that meet your product requirements for quality and quantity.
(Container vessel, CY, CFS, conventional vessel, heavy-lift vessel)

We offer the most suitable and quickest means of air transport.

Fuji Logistics provides export and import services to meet your product requirements for quality, destination and time of delivery.

We provide the wisest and most reliable support for our clientele.

Not only do we provide export and import services between Japan and overseas destinations but also on a trilateral basis through a combination of various international transportations. Please leave everything up to our staff. They have wide experience and expertise in custom clearance and logistics procedures in each country, as well as thorough knowledge of languages, trade customs and complicated regulations that differ from country to country.

Our overseas distribution services are as highly qualified as those we provide in Japan.

The Fuji Logistics distribution networks we have set up in each logistics center make it possible to deliver the required goods just in time.

We provide optional means of transportation.

Fuji Logistics can respond to clients' needs promptly and securely. By making full use of trucks (container trailers, various types of truck, crane truck, etc.) and various means of transportation (railway, coastal vessel, barge, etc ), not only will we transport your goods from manufacturing plants in Japan to ports and airports but we can also distribute imported goods within Japan.

We provide order-made packaging for export.

The packaging of goods to be shipped to overseas destinations must comply with local regulations. Product specifications, durability, cost, etc. all need to be fully considered depending on the export destination and types of exported goods. We can package exported goods to meet your needs, and this is a key area for success in international logistics.

Service Coverage

This service does not cover prohibited import and export articles.
This service is available to corporate customers only.

Distribution of Heavy Cargo and Plant Relocation Services

When exporting heavy cargo articles or relocating plants (or production sites), utmost care must be taken when determining the means of distribution, to meet not only your lead-time and cost requirements but also the local specifications regarding safety and other issues.
Based on extensive experience and advanced technologies in distribution, Fuji Logistics offers the most suitable means for distributing heavy cargo and relocating plants that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Fuji Logistics Solutions

We offer the most suitable and quickest means of distribution.

Fuji Logistics can offer quick and safe export and import services backed by the distribution technologies we developed as a company providing maker-oriented logistics services. Our staff is specialized in the distribution of heavy cargo and they have extensive experience and achievements in worldwide exports and imports (Asia, Oceania, North and South America, Europe etc.).

We offer the most suitable and low-cost means of distribution.

We will choose the most suitable and low-cost means of distribution depending on the size and quantity of the products to be transported and the production equipment required. Fuji Logistics international distribution networks make it possible to deliver goods to clients' schedules and just in time while coordinating the clients' schedule with local schedules.

Fuji Logistics can provide total support for the international logistics needs of our clientele.

There are enormous, complicated and troublesome processes that come into play in international logistics management. You can entrust us with your international logistics needs to enable you to concentrate on your core businesses, which will sure improve your organization's job performance and promote efficient use of human resources.

You can entrust us with processes to be performed in bonded areas.

Trends toward globalization will increase the import of plants as well as the need for processing or the repair of imported goods in bonded facilities. Fuji Logistics provides management in import plants or processing of goods in bonded areas tailored to clients' needs.

Service Coverage

This service does not cover prohibited import and export articles.
This service is available to corporate customers only.

Custom Clearance Services

Accurate and quick filing of import and export declarations is not possible without proper professional advice regarding a knowledge of goods, compliance with custom rules, preparation of documents to be filed, etc.
Fuji Logistics' experienced customs clearance staff will perform the required procedures backed up by the most knowledgeable measures, to achieve smooth customs transitions.

Fuji Logistics Solutions

We observe clients' schedules by cooperating with them.

We will conduct customs clearance procedures for clients according to their schedules by carefully cooperating with them. We will provide them with materials required for customs clearance, have our customs officers check the documents before filing, inform them with the progress of the examination by customs after filing, and offer various customs clearance data after the import or export declarations are approved.

We utilize various customs clearance systems to reduce time and cost.

By using various custom clearance systems while considering the international logistics and flow of goods of each client, we can reduce your lead-time and transportation costs.

Fuji Logistics' staff with extensive experience in customs clearance procedures will provide support for you.

Please contact us with any questions about your customs clearance requirements. Our experienced custom clearance professionals will provide detailed advice for you.

Service Coverage

This service does not cover prohibited import and export articles.
This service is available to corporate customers only.

Logistics Services in China

China is continuing its rapid growth, and emerging as the world's manufacturer or the world's market. This country is positioned as a strong point in our global business strategies.
Fuji Logistics (China) Co., Ltd. is one of our overseas affiliated companies. We have positioned this company as a key point in our international comprehensive logistics services to provide the most suitable domestic logistics services within China, in cooperation with Fuji Logistics (Dalian F.T.Z.) Co., Ltd. and Fuji Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Fuji Logistics Solutions

Logistics network with unified storage and distribution management.

We can minimize stock inventories by computerizing stock data while performing suitable storage management. Through our unique logistics network that unifies storage and distribution functions, we can tailor our nationwide delivery services in China to the needs of our clients who demand higher frequency of more product types and in small lots, at reduced time and cost.

We provide a wide variety of distribution processing services.

We provide distribution processing, such as receiving inspections, assembly, attaching price tags, packaging and assorting of materials, partially finished products and finished products. Through the use of bonded operating systems, distribution processing services in bonded area are also available.

We can provide total support for logistics needs.

We provide a sequence of services from inventory management, movement between processes, packaging, storage to shipping according to your procurement and production plans. We can also provide inventory and shipping management by fully utilizing information systems.

We have unique and extensive achievements in logistics.

We have extensive experience and technologies in the distribution of heavy cargo and relocation of plant equipment. We have notable achievements in the relocation and installation of manufacturing sites and equipment in China. We offer total support for filing the required documents or reports to related governmental offices.

We can support your business in China through our advanced logistics technologies.

For clients who have not yet established an operations base in China, Fuji Logistics can help them develop their business in China through the sales of packaging materials or procurement of parts.

Service Coverage

This service does not cover prohibited import and export articles.
This service is available to corporate customers only.

Logistics Services in Europe

With our international logistics center in the Netherlands, which is a gateway to logistics in the European Union (EU), Fuji Logistics can provide logistics services across a wide area including not only 27 countries in Western Europe but also countries in East Europe.
We provide a variety of logistics services in the most suitable and quickest manner for international distribution in Europe.

Fuji Logistics Solutions

We provide the most suitable logistics services.

Our logistics services can respond to various types of storage, inventory management and distribution requirements that meet our clients' needs. We provide flexible distribution services depending on the product characteristics and the needs of the destinations.

We provide high-quality inspection and distribution processing services in Europe as we do in Japan.

The necessity of inspections and distribution processing for goods is the same for international distribution. Our quality management expertise accumulated in Japan and our state-of-the-art logistics information systems will assure you of high-quality inspection and distribution processing services.

You can count on us to respond to customs clearance procedures and file the proper documents.

By using our bonded warehouses, you can expedite the processing of customs duties and added-value taxes (VAT). Entrust us with the preparation of the required documents so that you can concentrate on your core businesses.

Service Coverage

This service does not cover prohibited import and export articles.
This service is available to corporate customers only.

Malaysia Logistics Service

With the construction and promotion of the global supply chain, the South-East Asian area is attracting attention as a production base for various products focusing on the ever-growing Asian market. Fuji Logistics has its South-East Asian base in Malaysia, and we are supporting the development of our customers’ business by providing reliable logistics services — from local logistics services including storage, transport and distribution processing to forwarding — helping to link Malaysia and the world through exports and imports.

Fuji Logistics Solutions

Highly functional and air-conditioned bonded warehouse [Kulim Logistics Centre]

Our warehouse is located in one of the leading industrial complexes in Malaysia, so it is an ideal base for temporary storage or distribution processing of products and parts. This bonded warehouse can also be used as an effective import and export base with access from the port by road in about 30 min. It is furnished with air conditioning facilities, making it very suitable for storing electronic parts and similar products.

Global forwarding import and export services linked with the Mitsubishi Logistics network

We handle ocean, air and land transport from exporting country to importing country for international cargo arriving in or departing from Malaysia and South-East Asia. We provide service proposals tailored to our customers’ requirements, such as shortening lead times or reducing costs related to exports and imports.

Improving efficiency and reducing procurement logistics costs through VMI bonded warehousing and buyer consolidation services

We offer vendor managed inventory (VMI) warehousing for just-in-time delivery of parts and materials to the factories of local manufacturers by maximizing the advantages of our industrial complex location. Buyers can also use the warehouse to store parts procured through buyer consolidation services and have them delivered in kit form according to production needs. It is a bonded warehouse, so it can be used efficiently to store goods under foreign currency status, importing and passing only the required number of lots through customs and delivering them just in time.

Package control from procurement to production and sales

We assist in optimizing all logistics processes including procurement, production and sales based on our long experience and 3PL expertise as the logistics division of a manufacturer in Japan. We offer added-value services such as distribution processing and our unique value added logistics management system that enable visualization of logistics information and improvement of quality. We provide general outsourcing services for international logistics control, an area which tends to present difficulties for companies when developing their business globally.

Service Coverage

This service does not cover prohibited import and export articles.
This service is available to corporate customers only.

Singapore (South-East Asia) Logistics Service

Fuji Logistics Solutions

Strategic logistics services in an Asian hub

Located in the Johor district in the southern part of Malaysia adjacent to Singapore, among other ports in this area, the Port of Tanjung Pelepas has attracted considerable attention in recent years for the world-class scale and state-of-the-art equipment of its container terminal. We develop our logistics services in this same area, and are able to also handle distribution processing and non-resident inventory under bonded storage conditions, making use of the free trade zone (FTZ) near the port.

Most suitable cost-competitive logistics proposal

By making the most of the locations of the countries neighboring Singapore, we have realized a level of service comparable to Singapore in the transport lead time to each country. And in addition, by taking advantage of the benefit of prices that are cheaper than in neighboring Singapore, while reviewing the logistics costs of customers, we will propose ways to optimize their entire supply chains.

Logistics services that take advantage of the global strength of the Mitsubishi Logistics Group

From Singapore to Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and other locations, in cooperation with the overseas network of Mitsubishi Logistics, beyond merely providing non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) forwarding of imports and exports, we will provide total coordination of logistics services from the producing areas to the domestic and international consumption areas, and solve our customers' challenges with our proposal capabilities.