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Business Overview

We provide total support for the logistics needs of our clientele.

From the procurement of products and materials to product packaging, storage, and delivery, logistics requirements vary from company to company. There are various issues that come into play such as the timely and accurate procurement of products and materials, packaging requirements for various goods and materials and meeting the strict delivery requirements of our clientele.

Fuji Logistics provides total support for your every logistics need. Through our extensive experience we endeavor to provide efficient services that meet your every requirement from point of origin to final destination. Moreover, with our usage of advanced technologies, we are able to provide an information system that comprehensively combines each logistics activity as well as logistics equipment to achieve a rationalized result. Our operations are based on reliability, flexibility and cooperation of our enterprise groups.

We provide innovative logistics services.

By utilizing our services for important and even non-major facets of your operations that had not been covered by logistics services - be it an order center for your sales operations, accounting operations, a call center for customer support or maintenance - we can help you concentrate your manpower and resources on your major operations.

Moreover, with the experience we gained at Fuji Electric, we provide advanced distribution processing services like the assembly of information systems.

We provide freedom from care and worry, 24-7 nationwide.

There is huge amount of information tools around us, in the office, at home, convenience stores etc. Once trouble occurs, the situation can become serious. For fast recovery anywhere in the country, our logistics center maintains a backup parts inventory. We do not know the meaning of the word "rest." We assure peace of mind for our clientele and their customer.

We provide services without boundaries.

Now is a time of globalization throughout industry. However, language barriers, licensing and enterprise infrastructure circumstances all can present obstacles that make the process complicated. A service without boundaries lets no obstacles stand in its way. We are utilizing every resource available to us to enter the international market.

As your best partner we will assist you in achieving optimum supply chain management. We can assist you in establishing international manufacturing branches, and also provide you with the necessary materials, packaging for export, import and export arrangements, shipping, inventory management and local distribution according to your production and sales plans.