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Message from our President

Along with advances in globalization, diversification of needs and technological sophistication, recent years have witnessed an increasing awareness about disasters throughout Japanese society. And for businesses, flexible competitive strategies have become increasingly important in light of structural changes in the market and disaster countermeasures.


More than ever before, the logistics that supports such business activities is required to have efficient management capabilities to optimize the entire complex supply chain as well as the capability to respond to changes that also take into account the risk of disasters.


In times such as these, using the expertise accumulated since our establishment in 1975 as a manufacturer's logistics department, Fuji Logistics continues to offer its core capabilities of comprehensively undertaking the logistics of our customers while continuing to optimize our third-party logistics (3PL) services.


We are committed to providing attentive services based on the expertise we have accumulated providing logistics services for a manufacturer and with such strengths as our technical capabilities in packing design and RFID utilization, as well as our application of production improvement techniques to logistics using our unique Fujibuturyu Kaizen System (FKS). As our domestic and international infrastructure has expanded since we became a member of the Mitsubishi Logistics Group, we are working towards further optimizing the entire supply chain for our customers.


In addition, for the one-stop life-cycle logistics services that we provide 24/7 nationwide to support the entire life cycle of logistics at customer locations — from loading in and installations through management of the cargo storage and collection — we will continue to hone our personalized services that require specialized expertise such as heavy cargo transport services for plant equipment.


We will also continue to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities by improving the safety and quality of our services, ensuring compliance with standards and regulations, and promoting our environmental conservation initiatives and other CSR activities.


Being an essential partner to our customers, one who is constantly evolving and taking on the challenge of new possibilities, and contributing to the realization of a prosperous and sustainable society — that is our mission at Fuji Logistics.


Saburo Naraba