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  3. Management philosophy of the Fuji Logistics Group

Management philosophy of the Fuji Logistics Group

Group policy: Becoming essential to all of our stakeholders.

Through our tireless challenges, transformations and activities, and by striving to become a company that can earn the confidence and trust of its customers, a company that can meet the expectations of its shareholders, a company that its employees and their families can be proud of, and a company that can contribute to the development of society—we shall become a company that is essential to people and to society.

Services: Enhancing the value of trust through creativity and passion.

To become a leading 3PL services provider, we must first of all become a company that has a one-of-a-kind relationship with each and every customer we have. With a creativity backed by our extensive experience and a passion that has realized high ideals, we shall provide one-of-a-kind services.

Human resources development: Having each and every employee become a Fuji Pack’n.

Beginning with all of our employees in the field, each and every one of them shall become a specialist who is an indispensable human asset to our customers, just like our Fuji Pack’n*.

*Fuji Pack’n is the main mascot of our Fuji Logistics Group which was created in the image of an almighty logistics robot that can respond to the increasingly sophisticated and diverse needs of our customers.

Action guideline: Challenge, Renovate, Behave

Five environmental elements:

We wish to be recognized as

  1. 1A customer-oriented company
  2. 2A company of its word
  3. 3An open-minded company
  4. 4A company that confronts new ideas with confidence
  5. 5A company where employees work energetically